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Seed Items with mounted Seed Spheres gives us Seed Options which we can see near Ancient Options in Inventory. Seed Items can be only Regular or Excellent. They cannot have Harmony Option.

We can get Seed Set option in following ways:

In our gear we must put at least:

1 Fire Seed
1 Water Seed
1 Ice Seed
1 Wind Seed
1 Earth Seed

Set Option : Double chance of damage +3% increase

1 Fire Seed
3 Water Seed
1 Ice Seed
3 Wind Seed
2 Earth Seed

Set Option : Enemy defensive strength disregard attack +1%


To increase options to your socket item, you may add two or more seed spheres.
The option will be randomly given depending on the seed spheres and the order that you combine them.


Set Socket Option

Wearing socket items may induce set socket option effects.

If you wish to destroy a seed sphere in the socket item, please visit NPC Seed Researcher You do not need neither an item nor zen to destroy. Once you confirm to destroy the seed sphere, it will erase all the options in the item as well as destructing the seed sphere.

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