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Improve Equipment / Item Restore

Restore - 🔶 Improve Equipment item Restore

To make a ❓ [ item ] You need go to 👤 Jerridon

👤 Jerridon

👤 Jerridon the Goblin hails from the forests deep withing the Kingdom of Elves, the ⛳ Noria. Like any other goblin he's knowledge about jewels are deep but he is particularly expert at understanding Jewels of Harmony, and is well respected throughout the Continent. Jeridon can be found at map of ⛳ Aida (87, 14).
Well, here are some suggestions for you if you're interested.

Assembly prediction: 🔶 Improve Equipment item Restore

Tax rate: 1% (changed in real-time)
Combining Success rate: 100%
Required zen: 0(0)
❓ [ harmony item ] 1 Quantity
❓ [ item ]

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