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Long ago, back in the time of the golden dragons and glorious knights, at a time when great mages ruled over all continents known at the time, this story happened ... Antony, the prince of the Black Knights, was approaching the realization of his stupid ambitions. "The continent of MU must be a miner's world!". Mining is the extraction of valuable minerals or other geological materials from the world. Mining is done at ore veins scattered throughout the MU overworld. Each ore vein will yield one type of the mystical ore. Ores only drop in Kubera Mine and follow events - Battle Royale, Blood Castle, Chaos Castle, Crywolf, Illusion Temple, Imperial Guardian, King of MU Event and possible some other :). From ores Chaos Goblins, on server, make usefull jewels with sucess rate 100% for +9 or lower level items.


After Collect Ore pieces more than 3, they can stack into proper Ore.


How to make Jewels from Ores

First goto Noria and find Chaos Goblin

Well here are some recipe suggestions for you if you're interested

To create Jewel of Level

To create Jewel of Luck

To create Jewel of Option

To create Jewel of Skill

To create Jewel of Ancient

To create Jewel of Excellent

To create Jewel of Socket

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