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Mu Online ir 3D fantāzijas hack-n-slash MMORPG, kuras radīšanā autori iedvesmojušies no RPG žanra spēlēm, piemēram, Diablo un Planescape: Torment. Spēlei ir izometriska no augšas uz leju kamera, kas ir līdzīga spēlei Diablo.
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Tons of Content

With over twelve years of updates under its belt, Mu Online has lots of different content available for players.

Grind Away

With the level cap above 800, there's much to do. You'll find yourself with a long list of things to do all the time.

Open World PvP

Face-off with the rest of the world and fend yourself from attacks, or initiate the attack on others yourself. (There are options of non-PvP servers).

Mu Online Overview

Mu Online is an older pay-to-play game that has gone free-to-play. Despite being released in 2003, it still boasts a surprisingly large and active playerbase. With graphics and gameplay reminiscent of Diablo, it should feel familiar to anyone with experience playing dungeon crawler games. There are a total of seven classes, with two having to be unlocked and two having to be bought from the cash shop.


Unique Classes


Epic Bosses



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This is really a great event so it will be a waste if the actual fight will be within few minutes only. Now we will attempt to make this event more alive and try to have the 2 hours of event meaningful, if this succeeded then it will be our new Castle Siege mechanics. With that said, our incoming Castle Siege event will have now the Point System, basically the alliance with more points will win the event and not the one who sealed last...
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