Palīdzība - Game

List of Unique Commands.

<map id> - Move to a map
<msg> - Post a message in global chat [10 K Zen]
<points> - Add points in Strength
<points> - Add points in Agility
<points> - Add points in Vitality
<points> - Add points in Energy
<points> - Add points in Command
- Clear PK [150 KK Zen]
- Evolve char class [1 K CR] (Bronze)
<guild> - Challenge another guild
<guild> - Challenge another guild to battle soccer
|on| |off| |auto| - Request system
- Command to secure throne in King of MU event. Once event has started participats go to Devias 3 and Guild Master has to "take the throne" by sitting in a Kings chair in Devias 3 castle (225 237 coordinates).
- Clear inventory
<player> - Marry to a player. Usage: [/ marry to name | / marry divorce | / marry track or trace]! [100 KK Zen]
- Open warehouse (Bronze)
<type> - Change character class [1.6 K CR] (Gold)
<name> - Change character name [2 K CR] (Silver)
<player> - Character status
- Join Open event (note[por]: Iniciar evento)
- Go to Run and Catch event (note[por]: Pega-Pega)
- Quest Command
|rr|mr| - Show top player
- ReAdd stats [100 KK Zen]
<msg> - Quiz event, where the first to answer correctly wins.
<type> - Auto get items (Bronze)
- Summon help [1 WC]
- Grants char immunity from other players till 19:00 servertime (also disable PVP) [500 CR] (Gold)
<password> - Block items Move
<password> - Unblock items Move
<type> - Open Custom Store
- Open Custom Store Offline
<skill> <buff id> - Start Custom Attack [50 KK Zen]
- Start Custom Attack Offline (Bronze)
<type> <qtd> - Command for pack jewels
<type> <qtd> - Command for unpack jewels
<password> - Create a new password party
<password> - Join the password party
- Enter in custom arena event
- Reply to keep the activity

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