Palīdzība 🕮

Located in ⛳ Noria, the 👤 Chaos Goblin Machine is used for crafting and upgrading items! The machine, which is managed by Goblins, is entirely powered with Jewels of Chaos. The machine is an ancient construction which converts jewels in order to manipulate, combine, and craft entirely new items! However, the technology isn't necessarily stable, and therefore it can occasionally destroy items during a combination. Either way, it will be one of the most useful NPCs in the game!

Well, here are some suggestions for you if you`re interested to make a 🐴 Ghost Horse . First, go to 👤 Chaos Goblin.

Assembly prediction: Create 1er Guardian 🐴 Ghost Horse

Regular Combination - Create 1er Guardian 🐴 Ghost Horse

Regular Combination
Tax rate: 1% (changed in real-time)
Combining Success rate: 100%
Required zen: 101,000,000(100,000,000)
  • Fragment of Resurreccion 10 Quantity
  • Seal of the Phantasmal 🔰 Shield 1 Quantity
  • 🐴 Ghost Horse
  • Notice that when you fail to combine the items
    you can lose the items

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