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Dark horse

Resurrect spirit - 🐴 Dark horse Resurrection

To make a Dark Horse You need go to 👤 Trainer

👤 Trainer

Pets are a big and important part of Mu Online, they help us, they let us ride them, they even attack for us! The pet trainer in Location of NPC ⛳ Lorencia, Coordinates (122,110) resurrects the spirits of the dark lords pets.Size of 👤 Trainer storage 8 x 4 blocks Combination success rate Combination of of items to create pets will go up to 60% 💰Zen consumption Appropriate amount of zen varies according to HP to be healed or type of pet being created.
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Assembly prediction: 🐴 Dark horse Resurrection

Resurrect spirit
Tax rate: 1% (changed in real-time)
Combining Success rate: 60%
Required zen: 5,050,000(5,000,000)
Soul of a Darkhorse 1 Quantity
Dark Horse

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