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Senior Mix

💂 Senior Mix - Store

To make a 🎴 Chaos Card Rare 🎴 Chaos Card You need go to 👤 Senior

👤 Senior

The lord's mix item combination is one of the benefits of winning the weekly 🏰 Castle Siege at the ⛳ Valley of Loren in 🏰 Castle Siege Server (19). This item combination is only available for the leader of 🏰 Castle Siege's winning alliance which is called “Lord of the Castle“. All server custom excellent + level + luck + additional set items added on this combination NPC 👤 Senior, located on castle (179, 214) recepie list.
Well, here are some suggestions for you if you're interested.

Assembly prediction: Store

Tax rate: 1% (changed in real-time)
Combining Success rate: 100%
Required zen: 1,010,000,000(1,000,000,000)

Currently this is only one server.