Guides 🕮


Left Mouse Button:Move, Attack, Lean, or Sit-down options
Right Mouse Button:Use spells or skills
[Ctrl] + Mouse Button:PK Attack
F2:Dialogue toggle
F3:Toggle whispering on chat mode
F4:Adjust chatting window size
F5:Toggles MUssenger chatting window when receiving incoming message
F6:Hides MUssenger chatting window
F8:Display Ranking
F10:Display 3D Camera ON/OFF
F12:Hide MU Online game in tray
Enter:Open chatting window
D:Automatic Commands
M or /Move:Move between maps or worlds
C:Character statistics
I or V:Inventory
Q:Default shortcut key for healing items
W:Default shortcut key for mana recovery items
E:Default shortcut key for curing (antidote) items
F:Toggles MUssenger
T:Toggles Quest
U:Toggles Menu
P:Toggles Party window
A:Toggles Master skill tree window
G:Toggles Guild window
B:Toggles 👯 Gens window
H:Toggles Event timers window
J:Toggles Jewel bank
Z:Toggles Official MU Helper
X:Toggles X Shop
Shift:Hold character in position
[Ctrl] + Number:Bind Spells/Skills to #1-#9
Number #1-9:Select bound Skill/Spell
[Alt]:Display item names on the ground
[Alt] + Left Mouse Button:Individual selection of items on the ground
Spacebar:Automatic pickup of items on the ground
Print Screen:Screen capture /Take Screenshot
/move [map]Move to a map (map price)
/barMove to ⛳ Lorencia BAR (2k 💰Zen)
/ads [msg]Post a meg in global chat (10k 💰Zen)
/addstr [points]Add points in Str
/addstr auto [points]Enable automatic points adding till value
/addagi [points]Add points in Agi
/addagi auto [points]Enable automatic points adding till value
/addvit [points]Add points in Vit
/addvit auto [points]Enable automatic points adding till value
/addene [points]Add points in Ene
/addene auto [points]Enable automatic points adding till value
/addcmd [points]Add points in Com
/addcmd auto [points]Enable automatic points adding till value
/pkClear PK (300kk 💰Zen)
/top |rr| |mr|Show top player
/info [player]Character status
/resp [msg]Quiz event
/setparty [password]Create a password party
/joinparty [password]Join the password party
/goJoin in event
/gorunGo to Run and Catch event
/war [guild]Challenge another guild
/soccer [guild]Challenge guild to battle soccer
/clearinvClear inventory
/marry to [player]Marry to a player (100kk 💰Zen)
/lock [password]Block Items Move
/unlock [password]Unblock Items Move
/store [type]Open Custom Store (50k 💰Zen)
/offstoreOpen Custom Store Offline (50k 💰Zen)
/attack [skill] [buff]Start Custom Attack (50kk 💰Zen)
/re |on| |off| |auto|Resquest system
/reiSeize throne in king of mu event
/readdReset stats (100kk 💰Zen)
/remasterReset ⚖ Master Skill Tree (100kk 💰Zen)


/offattack(Premium)Start Attack Offline
/pack [type] [qtd](Premium)Command for pack jewels
/unpack [type] [qtd](Premium)Command for unpack jewels
/evo(Premium)Evolve char class
/ware [num](Premium)Change warehouse
/openware(Premium)Open warehouse
/class [type](Premium)Change char class (1.5k 💰WC)
/changename [newname](Premium)Change char name (1.5k 💰WC)
/pick [type](Premium)Auto get items
/spot1(Premium)Move to TOP spot
/spot2(Premium)Move to TOP spot
/spot3(Premium)Move to TOP spot
/spot4(Premium)Move to TOP spot
/spot5(Premium)Move to TOP spot
/spot6(Premium)Move to TOP spot



;Head scratch
-_-Cross arms
GreatRaises both arms
ColdRubs arms
ComeHand gesture – beckon someone
T_TSelf explanatoryn (Cry – hand covers face)
Never“No” gesture
Wow/ GoodClap
Hello🏹 Bow (greeting)
OKArm pump
RushLead your hand forward
VictoryVictory pose / kisses
DanceDance / Tango
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