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What is a "Red Dragon"?

Red Dragon

The Invasion based on the original MU Online and fully correspond to the original settings of our MU season.
During the Invasion period, a mission Invasion will be held to reward players with various items according to the levels obtained.

When and how long will the "Red Dragon" Invasion is take place?

The "Red Dragon" Invasion will start exactly 16:53, that's in 20 minutes 46 seconds from now, and the duration of the Invasion will be 30 minutes

What NPCs/monsters are involved in the Invasion?

Where the "Red Dragon" Invasion is taking place?

The Invasion called "Red Dragon" takes place random one of the following maps:
✌(◕‿-)✌ Lapa Tiek Uzturēta Kārtībā ✌(◕‿-)✌


Event where the Red dragons are attacking of the main towns:

LORENCIA Mu OnlineLorencia

⛳ Lorencia is well established city. It is well guarded by the travelers of MU, and several members of the Church of ⛳ Devias protect the area. A handful of merchants have set up their shops here, offering a variety of basic items for travelers. ⛳ Lorencia...

DEVIAS Mu OnlineDevias

⛳ Devias is a snowy village, to the north, with an expansive wilderness to explore. Its home to the divine Church of ⛳ Devias and the great Mercenary Guild. The city is well protected by members of the Church of ⛳ Devias. ⛳ Devias is a snowfield located to t...

NORIA Mu OnlineNoria

⛳ Noria is the native city of the Fairy kingdom. It is a huge woods located in the eastern-most part of the MU Continent. Originally, ⛳ Noria was once populated only by the Fairies, but after Kundun`s invasion on MU, exchange between humans grew more fre...

The Dragons spawn every 2 hours and are announced with a global message on the center of the screen, that says : Dragon Invasion.

Red Dragon ( Battle Star(-s):

Custom - Base Mob

147 Level, Re-spawn time: 1 hour, 0 seconds,
HP: 500,000, DMG: 2,000 ~ 2,500, ATK Rate: 3,000, DEF: 1,500, RES: +100❄️, +254🟢, +100⚡, +100🔥,
Drop: HP

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