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What is a "Medusa"?

사냥터 확장에 따른 추가 몬스터-평온의 늪 - Monsters according to the expansion of the hunting ground - Swamp of Calmness

The Invasion based on the original MU Online and fully correspond to the original settings of our MU season.
During the Invasion period, a mission Invasion will be held to reward players with various items according to the levels obtained.

When and how long will the "Medusa" Invasion is take place?

The "Medusa" Invasion will start exactly 13:00, that's in 14 hours, 33 minutes 54 seconds from now, and the duration of the Invasion will be 30 minutes

What NPCs/monsters are involved in the Invasion?

Where the "Medusa" Invasion is taking place?

The Invasion called "Medusa" takes place random one of the following maps:
✌(◕‿-)✌ Lapa Tiek Uzturēta Kārtībā ✌(◕‿-)✌



Only characters level 400 who have not done 3rd quest can enter the Swamp of Calmness. all you need to do to go is warp there when swamp event is indicated

Structure Map

Safe Zone
Moving on to Swamp of Calmness will appear in the safe zone where there are 4 sites which send you to the hunting area.


Hunting Area
You are able to Enter to Zone A,B,D Except C portal (Where Boss Can be Found). You will need to kill about 176 monsters Within the areas Then Zone C will open, Head there find Medusa (Boss) and kill her befor the time runs out

A password will be emailed to you.
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