Medusa (Swamp Event)

Or Swamp of Calmness Event

# Requirements

* A character should be level 400 to enter the ".GetMapName(56)." map.
* Wait for the opening announcement before entering.

# Mechanics

* Warp to ".GetMapName(56)." map.
* To start enter in portal Zone 1 (Swamp 139,125).
* Hunt and kill all 180 mobs including 2 ".mobnr(561)." in four (4) hunting areas. Hunting Entrance (3) or Portal C will open only when 51 mobs are left.
* Mobs do not respawn.
* Do not warp in other maps other than Swamp of Calmness during the event.

# Success

* Reward drops from ".mobnr(561).".

Currently this is only one server.