Palīdzība 🕮

Essencialy the BotPet is a Bot character that you can command and to things like express emotions as a normal player, level on spots etc, and the best part of it is that it's completely free.

There are 2 types of BotPets: Normal BotPets and VIP BotPets (only for VIP players)

Yes, they can attcak mobs on spots, help you level up and theirselves, use different skills BUT REMEMBER THEY CAN DIE!

Bot Pets are limited to only 1 per account so be careful what you create, because it can take on any character type class. To create another one the BotPet has to die first.

After reloging into your account or switching character your bot pet dissapears, you can call it out again using the command /botpet invoke, if it is not dead of course.

You can create Botpet with following commands

DW BOT : /botpet create 0 NAME
DK BOT : /botpet create 1 NAME
ELF BOT : /botpet create 2 NAME

BotPets Class ID:

  1. DW (Normal, max level 400)
  2. DK (Normal, max level 400)
  3. ELF (Normal, max level 400)
  4. MG (VIP only, max level 1000)
  5. DL (VIP only, max level 1000)
  6. SUM (VIP only, max level 1000)


BotPet cannot return items you give it if you can give it items.

/botpet skill (number) -(numbers:1/2/3 or 0/1/2/3) botpet will use different skills(depends of botpet's class)

Dark Wizard - 5 Skill
Dark Knight - 2 Skill
Fairy Elf - 2 Skill
Magic Gladiator - 3 Skill
Dark Lord - 3 Skill
Summoner - 3 Skill



All Commands:

/botpet create id name - create your own botpet
/botpet kill - kill your botpet and you may create another class but you will loose all botpet levels and experience
/botpet invoke - used if you switcher server or lost your botpet in other map
/botpet followme - make botpet follow you
/botpet freeze - make botpet to stop and don't move
/botpet stats - you'll receive ingame mail with botpets raport (power/defens/life/lives left etc.)
/botpet skill (number) -(numbers:1/2/3 or 0/1/2/3) botpet will use different skills(depends of botpet's class)
/botpet life
/botpet mana
/bopet trade - you can provide bot with pots or arrows, if you give it any other items, it WILL EAT THEM!

/botpet pothp - use HP Potion
/botpet potmana - use Mana Potion
/botpet close - close BotPet but no kill them


BotPet Gestures:

/botpet cry
/botpet hi
/botpet cheer
/botpet sir
/botpet bye
/botpet respect
/botpet comeon
/botpet win
/botpet hehe
/botpet dance

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