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Guild Warehouse

The guild warehouse is a shared warehouse between the guild. Guilds can store any tradable, non-bound, items in the guild warehouse. Anyone in the guild may take items from the guild warehouse. Guild Warehouse opened for You in Devias city at coords 215 45 Royal Guard Captain Lorence.

Posted 16/10/2020

Legend about continent Ore Jewel

Long ago, back in the time of the golden dragons and glorious knights, at a time when great mages ruled over all continents known at the time, this story happened ... Antony, the prince of the Black Knights, was approaching the realization of his stupid ambitions. "The continent of MU must be a miner's world!". Mining is the extraction of valuable minerals or other geological materials from the world. Mining is done at ore veins scattered throughout the MU overworld. Each ore vein will yield one type of the mystical ore - Ore of Level on Aida, Ore of Luck on Tarkan, Ore of Option on Icarus, Ore of Skill on LostTower, Ore of Ancient on Kalima 7, Ore of Excellent on Vulcanus and Ore of Socket on La Cleon. From ores Chaos Goblins, on server, learned how to make usefull jewels with sucess rate 100% for +9 or lower level items. ADDITIONAL INFO [HERE]

Posted 16/10/2020

Fortress of Crywolf

Fortress of Crywolf is located at the southeastern area of Valley of Loren.
It's a front line fortress where the allied forces of human and elf fight against the forces of Kundun. The rough geographical features of the fortress made it a fortress blessed with natural barriers for defense and a key area for strategy.
Kundun's forces haven't been able to head north and now the frontline is in a deadlock.
Therefore Kundun has commanded Lemuria to dispatch troops to the Fortress of Crywolf to overcome a situation.

On whole MU world players game experience uo to 50% higher. Strength of monsters in all server clusters except Land of Trial will decrease 10%. Kundun's life recovery will not function. Success rate will increase 5% when combining invitations. ADDITIONAL INFO [HERE]

Posted 15/10/2020

15 years of entertainment

Online since 2005, ❤ Peace MU ❤  and ❤ MuWar ❤ Online seeks to give the best to lovers of this fabulous MMORPG-style adventure game. We invite you to discover a old best (S6E3) MU world,  but a new features and community. Experience on server changes every day, and depends on players. Experience variation range is from 200x till 3000x and depends on play style. Item and zen drop is low.

Whichever destination you choose, in ⚡ ⚡ we will always be accompanying you and giving you the support you need in your new adventures. 

From MuPeace and MuWar Team - New Perspectives on MuOnline Concepts

[Season 6 Episode 3] [Mid Rate] [Drop 20] [FREE SETS!] [#1 RULE - NO VIP AND NO PAY4PLAY] [Castle Siege On] [24-7 Support] [Newly Up Server] [FREE Wings] [BALANCED PVP] [Active Admins] [Friendly Community] [WebZen Shop] [Vote Reward] [Auto Reconnect System] [Dedicated Server] [NO-LAG] [STRONG ANTI-CHEAT] MUCH MORE, JOIN US

Be The first who make great community and leadership in server. Server today was OPENED for final tuning, like RF balance and some additional drops. If You wish, you can join TODAY, and got free Wcoin and Stat bonuses. If found any bug, we reward You. Also reward got old MUWAR players. This server all trading and market based on Zen, not credits and not donations. Server is total Free 4 play. No hidden deals. On server we make 5 lvl of wing system, lot of new custom items more than 1000+, new quest systems, new mobs, Hero City (only strong players come and rush here). Very good spots and total new Arena. This is unique project and we have 15+ years experience to host and support online 24/7 servers.  Server is high level security (SSL, encryption, CAPTCHA, strong password, e-mail authorization, Facebook powered, anti cheat, anti DDOS, and lot of more) and tuned special for fantastic game play in MU world. 


  Important! Staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others from COVID-19. 😷 

Posted 16/10/2020

Currently this is only one server.