Server Maintenance


Posted 18 / 09 / 2020

Game server updates

+ Bot Pet       - Custimized PETS for players with trade features and skills, its level as an character companion, fully customized.
+ Bot Pet 2     - Same as before, BUT doesnt have items by default or skills, its levels as an character plus evolutions and related, fully customized.
+ Bot Buffer    - You can make your BB buff characters like Elf Guardian using any buff skill, fully customized.
+ Bot Alchemist - You can move attributes from a item to another item, fully customized.
+ Bot Store     - You can create NPCS from the tin air with store capabilities, fully customized.
+ Bot Trader    - Its an mix system, fully customized.
+ Bot Hide and Seek - No need an GM for teleport and play hide and seek with your players, with this bot is done, fully customized.
+ Custom Quests     - You can add custom quests to your server, fully customized.
+ Custom Vip System - Accounting system for VIP, fully customized.
+ Custom Reset System  - Custom reset with LOT OF FEATURES, fully customized.
+ Marry System         - Marry system, unique and stable, fully customized with married NPC's.
+ Gens Close Map Event - Battle of two factions, duprian and vanert for the control of an map, fully customized.
+ Blue Event           - White rabbit event, fully customized.
+ Boss Attack Event    - Invasion of X monsters, fully customized.
+ Green Event          - Lets rain some excellent from the sky's, fully customized.
+ Halloween Event      - You get an nice event for halloween with lot of fun and items, fully customized.
+ Happy Hour Event     - More exp and drop for your players, fully customized.
+ Hit and Up Event     - Hit and up is an event make to fast level characters, from 1 to 2 or more levels by kill, fully customized.
+ Sky Event            - Play on the sky, the most old and nice event in mu, fully customized.
+ Summer Attack Event  - The invasion of Fire Flame Ghost from Webzen with extra features.
+ Swamp Attack Event   - Swap official event from Webzen with extra features.
+ XMas Event           - Santa's Map with NPC's and items.
+ Lucky Penny System   - exchange Coin of Luck items.
+ Anti-AFK System      - Prevent long AFK in maps.
+ Anti-Flood System    - Prevent attackers from DDoS.
+ Auto-Exp System      - AutoExp for players AFK in maps.
+ News System          - Annoucements and news from your server.

Posted 04 / 09 / 2020

Currently this is only one server.